The tablet you actually want to give your kids

A magical multimedia experience to learn & play, that unlocks quality time for families.

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Lottie is a unique tablet experience where kids can explore, play, and unwind in a healthy and mindful environment.

Built for the whole family

Good for kids.
Peace of mind for parents.

  • Kids in control

    Lottie helps kids learn about digital mindfulness by putting them in control of their play time.

  • Learn through play

    Lottie transforms screen time from a passive experience to an interactive learning time.

  • Safe environment

    Lottie is built to protect young kids from the worst parts of the internet. No ads, no autoplay, no weird algorithms.

  • Inspiring and magical

    Lottie is its own world - a magical place for kids to explore, learn, and play.

  • Guided experience

    Lottie has a research-backed take on what’s healthy for kids, alongside intuitive parental controls and insights.

  • Curated content

    Lottie carefully curates high quality apps and shows, so parents can feel comfortable their kids are safe and entertained.

Join the team

The things that drive us.

  • We believe in balance

    Digital tools have benefits when used mindfully. We encourage children to explore through a wide variety of activities.

  • Guiding over policing

    Children need space to explore and experiment - that's why we prefer to enable, not to restrict.

  • Childhood is precious

    We will never compromise on safety for kids and believe a child's development is best at a steady, measured pace.

  • Childhood is magical

    We want to keep the spark of youth alive and create space for a child’s own imagination.

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