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15 free online games for kids

Help your kids discover their new favorite online game, categorized into simple, challenging, and advanced games so there’s something for kids of every age.

by The Lottie Team
Source: Unsplash | Annie Spratt

Fun, interactive, and educational games – completely free

Do you remember your favorite computer game when you were a little kid? You might have played Math Blaster or Reader Rabbit in school that helped you improve your math and reading skills. This rich tradition of fun and educational games for kids has continued to the present day, and there are even more options to choose from. Studies have demonstrated the benefits of gaming in kids, aiding in attention, working memory, and processing speed. That’s why we’ve put together a list of online games for kids that are so fun, you might even want to join in.


  1. Sarah and Duck Colouring Game
    As simple as online games for kids will get – pick one of ten pictures of Sarah and Duck to color in with simple click and drag movements. Your little ones can choose whichever colors they want, and click to see a completed version of the picture for reference.
  2. Sarah and Duck Memory Game
    Another simple and fun game from the BBC featuring Sarah and Duck – this one’s all about remembering which characters are behind which doors and matching them as quickly as possible. There are three difficulty levels to choose from.
  3. Nelly and Nora Puzzle Game
    One of many puzzles offered by the BBC, your kids can pick one of three puzzle images at three difficulty levels. It’s a simple click and drag game that’s one of the most fun games for kids online that helps kids match patterns and colors together.
  4. Elmo’s Brain Games
    Follow along with Elmo from Sesame Street and solve a series of simple brain games to test your kid’s memory and problem solving skills. The delightful artwork and animation alone make this a treat to play, plus you’ll come across all the beloved characters kids know and love. It’s one of the best free online games for kids with a popular tie-in.
  5. Connect the Dots: Furry Friends Forever
    Connect the dots to reveal the fun picture in this click and drag game from Sesame Street. This is one of those online games for children that’s best for your little ones who are just getting started using devices and would benefit from hands-on engagement with shapes and lines on screen.
  6. Pond Life
    Learn about what lies at the bottom of a pond and create your own ecosystem with Elinor and other beautifully drawn animations. The instructions are detailed and friendly, so even your younger kids can have fun following along and expressing their creativity in this gently engaging game.


  1. Creative Puzzle
    If your kids are ready to take their coloring and puzzle solving skills to another level, Creative Puzzle by Poki Kids has many levels to unlock that get progressively more challenging. The objective is to color the given image the same way as the reference image. It can be harder than it seems!
  2. Draw Racing
    This one’s a little more advanced and is best for slightly older kids. It’s all about memory and accurate tapping and dragging to draw the best line for a car to collect stars and avoid obstacles. Another one of those highly interactive online free games for kids from Poki Kids.
  3. Push Pull Puzzle
    Another intriguing puzzle game that challenges kids to find solutions for spatial problems by pushing and pulling objects. Each level gets a little bit more difficult, but with enough encouragement and trial and error, every kid can enjoy thinking critically and solving the problems as they come.
  4. Nouns and Verbs Sort
    Have your kids put on their thinking hats for this English grammar practice game that teaches the definitions of verbs and nouns, then asks for help finding them in a vending machine. This game helps practice key reading and writing skills that are essential for kids around ages 6 or 7. Online games for kids can be educational as well as fun!
  5. Ski Racer: Subtraction Within 30
    This one’s all about speed and math solving skills. If your children love taking on brainy challenges, this one is as lively as they come. Your character will race down a mountain by solving two-digit subtraction problems. It’s as exhilarating as it sounds!


  1. Galactic Space Fractions: Comparing Like Denominators
    This game takes brainy to another planet. If math is a popular subject in your household, this game is the perfect supplement to your kids’ education that also adds a problem solving adventure element. The mission is to fill enough fuel cells in a spaceship to match the numbers represented in the fraction, then compare the fractions to determine which one is bigger or smaller.
  2. Marbelous Marvel Coaster
    Build the world’s wackiest roller coaster with a completely customizable layout and more than a dozen different train track parts. This one can be a bit advanced, but it can also lead to hours of highly engaging and interactive fun that kids can immerse themselves in. It’s perfect for the budding engineer.
  3. City Abenteuer
    Help out citizens and go on a city adventure in this Lego inspired game from Toggo. The city is full of people who need your help! Hop into your squad car and respond to messages from dispatch and motor to places around the map where you can help out. This is one of those computer games for kids that feel like the ones you used to play on your home PC.
  4. Ninjago: Chens Rückkehr
    This action adventure is best for older kids who will love the lego Ninjago tie-in and the seemingly endless gameplay. The controls are simple and intuitive, and the game feels like something you’d have to buy from an app store. It’s a great way to channel your kids’ energy, but don’t forget to set responsible limits and cooling off periods.

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