We designed an experience that keeps your kids' active minds engaged.

Parents already face enough tough choices; curating the perfect digital programme shouldn’t be one of them. We called in a team of experts in psychology and pedagogy to create a balanced library of shows and activities, that helps to lighten your load.

What makes digital content good?

Good digital content should contribute to one of these five key areas of development:


Play, music, and the arts unleash creativity and imagination.


Emotions, everyday life, relationships, and humour help grow their personality.


Letters, numbers, and logic all support cognitive development.


Open their eyes to other cultures and learn about places, science, and nature.


Dexterity training, interactive play, and sports stories enhance physical development.

Are some areas more important than others?

No! These five areas are all intertwined — and equally important. Engaging all these areas will create healthy, confident, and happy children.

Our advisors

Alexandra, Astrid & Carsten advise our content curators on setting guidelines for good content.

Alexandra Gunnlaugsdóttir

Alexandra Gunnlaugsdóttir

Preschool teacher & expert in Pedagogical Psychology
Dr. Astrid Carolus

Dr. Astrid Carolus

Professor of Media Psychology at the University of Wuerzburg
Carsten Göttel

Carsten Göttel

Former Program Director at SuperRTL

Our guidelines in action!

At Lottie, we use this curation framework to curate or create content and to guide children towards a balanced digital experience.

The Creative Park

Creative Development

The Social Garden

Emotional Development

The Logic Lab

Cognitive Development

The Discovery Island

Cultural Development

The Jungle Gym

Physical Development